Who We Are

We are MikaTech. An up and coming London-based tech start-up, supporting businesses small and large.

At MikaTech, our skills lie in everything IT. Our aim is to cover all your business' IT concerns, from your website, app and social media presence and marketing. To supporting your end users through our helpdesk system, supplying your software and hardware - and even getting you a better deal on your broadband and mobile contracts.

Startup Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our business with yours. In this new age of technology, neglecting IT can stifle a business - we are here to help.

By managing your business' IT, we can ensure everything runs smoothly by keeping all systems in-house. Everything from managing your website to running your marketing, supporting your IT needs and supplying your devices - leave it to us and you have a single point of contact for everything IT.

Core Values


At MikaTech, we are always striving for progress. With how fast the industry moves, we make sure to keep ahead.


We will always be upfront and honest about our pricing, ensuring you know what you are paying for in such a technical field.


One of our primary concerns at MikaTech is sustainability, we began with data recycling and reducing e-waste will always be important.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of some of the industry's finest.

Among us are senior technicians, IT professionals with over a decade of experience. As well as passionate developers who create our stunning websites and more. We can even boast a modest marketing team, that create and schedule bespoke ads for our clients - alongside managing their social media profiles/presence.


We do our best to address all major aspects of IT and are always looking to do more, and our talented team of professionals allow us to do this.