Q&A Seminar


Tech recycling made clearer


What type of materials do you accept?

We accept and collect equipment commonly used in an office environment.

What happens to my equipment once it's been collected?

On arrival to your site, our driver will log all of the equipment being sent to us to be processed. 

At our processing site the driver's checklist will be checked again. Your old equipment will be processed using our data destruction software. 

Do you offer a complete list of erasure / wipe methods used?

Yes. We like to be completely transparent with our customers. A detailed list of industry standard erasure methods can be found here.

Where are the items stored before they are recycled?

All collected items are stored in our security alarmed London processing office.

How long after collection will the items data be wiped?

We offer two services, standard and premium, both adhere to the same rigid data destruction program. Click here for more details

What peace of mind do you offer that the data has been wiped?

MikaTech provides a copy of the data destruction certificate generated during the wiping process of your HDD/SSD/USB devices. The certificate(s) will be emailed to the named contact within your organisation.

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